Miryam’s Circle Dance

Every soul will eventually actualize its potential. The utopian end-of-days is exactly that; all the fallen sparks will be raised, all the gevurot sweetened, all potentials actualized, all illusions neutralized. G‑d’s light will shine through the world, dissolving hierarchy as it turns the line into a circle.

A possible mechanism for this configurational transformation of line into circle is as follows: A circular disk (like a coin) when viewed along its edge can appear as a single line.  When viewed from an angle slightly above its edge it begins to look like an oval.[21] Finally, when observed from above it appears as the circle that it really is.  Nothing has changed except the viewer’s perspective.  This is a three-dimensional analogy of an infinitely more complex process taking place in our ten-dimensional world.  Nevertheless, the difference between the world of hierarchy and the circular world remains a matter of perspective.  An immature and narrow-minded consciousness has a constricted field of vision that perceives the universe as a line.  As the mind evolves and enlightens, its perspective expands.  From its now more elevated orientation the world assumes a circular form.  Nothing has changed except the mind’s visual field and its expanded capacity to integrate multi-dimensions of complexity.

When that happens the distinctions between higher and lower, giver and receiver, masculine and feminine will cease.  Everyone will know G‑d in a way that is perfect and unique.  In the world of lines, quantity is the primary yardstick of value for it lends itself easily to comparisons. In the world of circles, quality is what counts, and, like apples and oranges, qualities are not easily ranked. Each person is a unique entity, incalculably complex, intrinsically worthy, who fulfills an absolutely necessary and irreproducible function in the universe.

In the world of hierarchy, value is peer-referenced.  Everyone looks around to see where others are aiming and what they are achieving, and then measures themselves to that.  In the circle world where absolute value is an inalienable right and an intrinsic property of each soul, worth is completely self-referenced, which actually means G‑d-referenced. “Am I realizing the full potential of my soul with its unique combination of talents and sensitivities? Am I fulfilling what G‑d wants from me?” These are the only questions that will matter, and in the world-to-come their answer will always be yes.

Each soul will eventually attain its full potential and shine with the unique revelation of Divine beauty that only it can manifest.  The spiritual bliss of the-world-to-come is the intensely abiding joy of finally becoming who you are.  Deep down, this is all anyone wants. The problem is the near impossibility of knowing what that is.  Our potential is not only hidden from others, it is generally hidden from ourselves as well.  The remedy is our extended training period in the world of lines and straightness. Its mechanism is as follows: Each person looks around at the Jones’ and the beautiful things they possess, and this triggers drives, lusts, and desires inside them to acquire similar things.  HaShem cleverly implanted a lock and key mechanism into the universe whereby a soul is attracted to exactly those beauties that resonate with some unactualized potential inside itself; as the popular saying observes, “There is no accounting for taste.” Each soul is programmed to respond to the specific “attractors” that, while laboring to possess them, it “coincidentally” realizes its own potential.  In this way HaShem motivates the grueling work of self-actualization, leading us along right paths and persuading us to invest the enormous effort required to underwrite the endeavor. In the end, all will find their place around the circle’s edge and celebrate with overflowing joy the pleasure of finally becoming who they really are. There is no greater delight than this. It is the heavenly elixir of the world-to-come.

When we arrive at this stage, the distorting veneer of hierarchy (and line consciousness) will melt away, for it will no longer have a purpose.  It was a temporary and utilitarian truth, though in its heyday it was the most relevant truth, for the whole point of that era was to get massive amounts of work done. Soul actualization is a labor-intensive exertion that requires the irresistible incentives provided by the web of intersecting hierarchies and status-rankings in the linear world.  Still, its days will pass and we will return to the era of circle consciousness which proclaims a more exalted and eternal truth: every creature is one of a kind, uniquely fashioned to reveal a distinct facet of Divine beauty.  On its scale of values, everyone is HaShem’s most favored one and all will have become completely equal.

In that world the baker will not look to his neighbor, the rabbi, or even to messiach, and feel less accomplished or worthy than he. Everyone will be filled to overflowing with the joy of having discovered who he or she really is.  It will be absolutely clear to the baker that it would not augment his pleasure to stand in his neighbor’s more prestigious or affluent shoes, rather the opposite.  It would dampen his ecstasy for he would suffer from not being true to his own soul and its Divinely ordained mission to be the best baker possible.

For everyone, whether baker, rabbi, or housewife, it takes life times of grinding labor to accomplish one’s soul-purpose.  That curious fact becomes the great equalizer, based on the well known principle that, “the reward is in proportion to the toil.”[22] On the scale of effort everyone comes out equal.

The consciousness of the-world-to-come is symbolized by a circle, a perfectly symmetrical object that has no beginning or end, no up or down, and each of its points is equidistant from the common center toward which it faces.  Similarly in the circle world, it will be gloriously clear that every soul is equally precious and singularly beautiful in a way that cannot be ranked.  It will not anymore be possible to look to one’s neighbors for guidance in serving G‑d, for each person has a unique soul-specialty, and in that area they are the world’s foremost expert. There is nowhere to look for instruction except straight from HaShem, who metaphorically sits at the circle’s center equidistant from all its holy points.

On that eternal day, everyone will be satiated with knowledge of G‑d to the fullest capacity of their joy and all hierarchies of status will dissolve.  In wonderment they will discover that on the scale of enlightenment all have become equal.

All this Jeremiah prophesied:[23]

I will put my Torah in their inward parts and write it in their hearts, and will be their G‑d and they will be my people.  And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying, “Know the Lord.”  For they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says the Lord.  And I will forgive their transgression and I will remember their sins no more.

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