Miryam’s Circle Dance

This serves to explain the passage from the Gemara cited above:

In the future the Holy One will make a circle dance (מחול) for the tsadikim.  He will seat Himself among them in the Garden of Eden and each one of the tsadikim will point with his finger and say, “This is our G‑d for whom we have waited, that He might save us. This is the Lord for whom we hoped, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.”[24]

In the future everyone will be cleansed of sin and attain full knowledge of G‑d, thereby entering the category of tsadik. The accumulated labor of lifetimes of striving and suffering will end in collective perfection.  This path toward sainthood is equally a journey toward circle consciousness, for the knowledge of G‑d acquired en route is what dissolves the illusions of hierarchy, and will ultimately eliminate gender roles altogether, which serve as the archetypes for all other power disparities.

If one associates the masculine role with an enlightened master who imparts knowledge, and the feminine role with an unlearned novice who receives instruction, then gender will cease in the world to come, for no one will be learning from neighbors, spouses or even teachers.  Truth will shine through the world, its light as plentiful as the air we breathe, and all will have the taste buds to enjoy (and comprehend) it.

Hierarchies will cease and merge into the more expanded and rectified circle consciousness that will rule that new age.  Like the perimeter of a vineyard where each point is equidistant from its center, so will all be equally close to the Infinite source of light and consciousness, the Blessed Holy One.

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