Purim Bursts

This day is called Purim because its inner service is ‘lots’. There is a large body of teachings about how to cast these lots. Every spiritual practice requires this expertise. In fact it is the limiting factor of religious life. Purim Bursts explores some of these teachings and offers interesting insights and inspiring interpretations that will change the way you experience Purim.

“One goes deeply inward (and upward) to find a place inside that transcends craving and aversion. Ones love-bond to God gets so deep, one’s vision so vast, that the truest (and normally hidden) truth becomes real: Every moment is an opportunity for closeness with God and it is not clear which builds intimacy more, the joy or the pain, the blessing or the curse, Mordechai or Haman. Would there be Purim without Haman? Who do we thank more for this day?”

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