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Solemn Joy, Sweet Sorrow

 Solemn Joy, Sweet Sorrow Tisha B’Av, 2022 Sarah Yehudit Schneider This year we
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The Temple for Which We Are Supposed to Yearn

Illustrated Video Teaching: On Tisha B’Av we mourn the loss of our House of Holy Presence (aka Bet HaMikdash), the heart of our people, that turns us from a throng into a higher order unity called Kenesset Yisrael, a synonymous term for Shekhina. Without our holy hub it is hard to contain the ricochet of our clashing extremes that produce the causeless hatred that prevents our inner peace. But what is it, really, that we are missing? It is probably not what most assume.
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This Torah of Atzilut was what Adam would have received had he not opted for duality, preferring Knowledge of Good and Evil over the Tree of Life’s non-dual Knowledge-of-the-Holy-One.  It is also the Torah that we received at Sinai, but forfeited when we too betrayed its calling.
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Malchut Sh’b’Malchut

To describe the king as “entangled in the tresses” is to assert that there is a level of G-d that is entangled by our conceptions and projections of Him/Her/It.
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