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Tu B’Shvat through the years

Tu B’Shvat teachings over the years (2007-present).
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Tu B’Shvat Hagada for sale

The Still Small VoiceTu B'Shvat Hagada, fifteen years in the making, is finally available for public enjoyment.
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“This Opposite This” HaShem Made the World

This tug-of-war stripped down to its basics is really about “who eats who?” And, really, the whole drama of geopolitics comes down to exactly that: In the end, whose narrative, whose scripture, whose ideology, whose story of why we are here and where we’re headed and what G d wants from us…whose narrative is going to prevail, and absorb everyone else into its story line. “Who will eat who?”
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Paradox — A Hanukkah Dilemma

Hanukkah teaches us how to survive exile and how to accomplish the purpose
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