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“I feel that this endeavor is very worthwhile. Even the person with greater background will find new thoughts to contemplate and study in this work through the author’s focus on how to use the practices of Torah, prayer, and mitzvot to enhance one’s relationship with HaShem.”

Rabbi Levi Y. Horowitz (The Bostoner Rebbe)


“…she enables the serious student to taste the vibrant spirituality of Judaism that permeates even its most basic principles of faith and practice through her creative treatment of the subject, and emphasis on internalizing the information… I warmly recommend A Still Small Voice to anyone who is interested in enriching their lives with the spiritual content of Judaism.”

Rabbi David Refson, Rosh Yeshiva


“This course draws on mysticism and mainstream Judaism, and covers a wide range of essential issues and practices. It is not pushy, but it demands time, and thought and commitment… You will be challenged and stimulated… It is very provoking for the beginner and advanced alike.”

Rabbi David Zeller


“I hold Ms. Schneider in very high esteem and can verify that she is highly respected, reliable, and that she approaches her work with an exceptional intellectual motivation which constantly inspires…it is rare to find someone with such depth of knowledge and commitment to bringing back the pride of our heritage.”

Rabbi Noah Weinberg, ז”ל


“I have been impressed by Susan Schneider’s knowledge of Torah in general and Chassidut in particular, as well as her command of the English language and ability to deftly convey even very abstract ideas clearly… I trust her ability to develop and elaborate raw ideas into cogent, well-researched expositions.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh


“Of all our staff in the women’s hostel over the years, Susie has stood out as the person most capable of answering the wide range of questions that have come up. She has worked hard both to acquire the necessary knowledge and to find ways of translating this into the language of the unaffiliated.”

Rabbi Meir Schuster


“Inspired by the correspondence school that initiated her own spiritual search, Sarah Yehudit sought to make the Jewish path available to all who might benefit from it. ‘It is a gold mine of deep and practical wisdom.’ For three and a half thousand years Judaism has addressed the questions of existence and honed its advice to a sharpened edge. This ancient tradition has clearly stood the test of time. It is as relevant in the post modern world as it was to the generation of Moses.

She chose to publish the material as a correspondence course (instead of a book) because it is a more intimate medium of instruction….Unlike books, a correspondence program guides its students along a course of extended growth with guidance that builds month after month, year after year.

Drawing from a tradition that has passed from mouth to ear, teacher to student, from Sinai to the present, A Still Small Voice offers practical instruction on how to apply classic Judaism as a tool for personal growth and deepening relationship with G-d. It presents these teachings in a contemporary idiom that speaks to the questions and interests of the modern world.

-Sara Tyler, Jerusalem Post, Weekend Magazine, 1992.
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“I am downright awed by your writing… I really enjoy reading each installment as it comes in. The spiritual concepts you put forth I have learned in other contexts, so rather than having to take some leap of faith or understanding to absorb them, I am just happy for the reminder. I really enjoy hearing the Jewish twist to what seem to be universal principles though, and feel pleasantly challenged by what I’m reading.”

W.B. Sociology Graduate Student

“I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying learning with A Still Small Voice. I recognize the clarity of thinking and expression that comes through both in content and format.”

R.B. Physician

“I want to tell you how much I am enjoying the course... I think about it throughout the week.”

L.K. Corporate Counsel

“Your course has changed my life! I never knew how to pray or what attitudes should accompany it. I have a greater sense of inner peace than ever before and a heightened awareness of my relationship to G-d.”

Y.N. Camp Director

“The lessons have been excellent in helping me deepen my understanding of Judaism.”

M.G. Psychotherapist

“The highlight of my Shabbos is reading your lessons and studying them. Please know how much I value and appreciate the lessons you send. Every week I thank the Almighty that I found these lessons.”

S.M. Forensic Medicin

“My time spent with you was really very special and meaningful, and the continuation through A Still Small Voice is making me not only aware of my spiritual and religious feelings which had become masked and hidden behind daily concerns, but I am enjoying and savoring the feelings of belonging, and the connectedness and gradual drawing closer to Hashem. Thanks for filling a real need.”

M.B. Art Dealer

“We have searched for the past three years to find a teacher and after reading many texts and having guest Rabbis we finally found a path to follow that was aligned with our own spiritual journey…

T.K., Cantor

“Your correspondence school crosses boundaries and touches souls in a relevant and meaningful way… You have done a beautiful job of integrating the traditional and the mystical. I originally thought this would be too elementary for me, but your way of expressing ideas is most interesting.

K.R., Jewish Educator

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