Video Teachings by Sarah Yehudit


Full length videos

These video clips were generously provided by the Kabbalah.Me film project.

Full length video teachings filmed by Vince Jorden in Bolder, CO, 2015

Teaching Clips #1 -- What is Kabbalah?

What kinds of question does kabbalah answer?  Why do we need it?

Prayer, says Kabbala, is the most powerful tool for refining will.  The practice is called chashmal (a term that appears in Ezekiel’s vision) and is explicated in mystical texts.  Judaism’s definition of enlightenment is the progressive refining of will.

Teaching Clips #2 -- We are Literally in the Heels of Mashiach

The generations immediately preceding the messianic era are called the “heels of mashiach.”  What does that metaphor tell us?

The Jewish month of Cheshvan is the month when Noah’s flood began.  It associates with the letter “nun” which is the first letter of the Hebrew word meaning “to fall.”  The tikun of the month of Cheshvan is to learn how to fall (in the most graceful way possible).  R. Tsadok HaKohen offers insights into that question.

Teaching Clips #3 -- We Are All Old Souls

Our soul journeys all began with Adam and Eve.  We were all part of their universe-encompassing stature.

The Kabbalistic Underpinnings of the Situation in Israel presents a paradigm-shifting perspective on the current (and historical) tensions in the HolyLand. It ends with a practice (available to all) that can help to heal the situation.

Video Clip #4 -- The Three Stages of Cosmic Tikun

The Ari describes three stages of cosmic tikun.  We are in the first, at the cusp of the second.  What does that mean, and what does it ask of us?

Teaching Clip #5 -- The Rising of the Feminine in the Orthodox World

Kabbalah predicts that the moon will wax and the feminine will rise.  What does that mean for the Orthodox world?

Teaching Clip #6 -- Miriam Was at a Higher Spiritual Level than Moshe

Based on hints in the Torah’s description of Miriam’s dance at the sea, Kabbalah asserts that Miriam’s prophesy in that moment was even greater than Moshe’s.

Teaching Clip #7 -- Kabbalah and the Rising Feminine

Kabbalah  associates the feminine with the moon, which moves from waning to waxing, from diminishment to fullness of stature.

Teaching Clip #8 -- Kabbalah and the Pardes Story

What are we to learn from the Talmudic story about the four rabbis who entered the mystical realms and only one survived the ordeal with faith, body and psyche intact.

Teaching Clip #9 -- Is Kabbalah Dangerous?

The traditional advice is to not study kabbala before one turns forty.  What are the dangers this seeks to avoid?  Are they still relevant today?

Teaching Clip #10 -- Ari and Seven Stages of Feminine Development

R. Isaac Luria’s teachings about the seven stages of the “feminine life cycle” culminated in the 7th and messianic stage which he characterizes as “face to face and completely equal.”

Teaching Clip #11 -- Ari and Circle-World Consciousness

The Ari describes how we are currently in Straight-line (hierarchical) Consciousness but are headed for the more rectified Circle Consciousness.


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