Paradox: The Kabbalistic Path of Expanding Consciousness

Kabbalah distinguishes a mature, broad and expanded consciousness from a small, childish and narrow-minded consciousness by one strength alone…it’s capacity to bear paradox.

Paradox #1 -- Why This? Why Now?

Paradox is a subject  that is oft-discussed, but there is actually very little instruction about how, practically, to work with it. These 12 Illustrated Video Teachings (of 7 – 10 min. each) present paradox as a spiritual path and  provide practical instruction about how to negotiate (and even embrace) paradox.

Paradox #2 -- The Mission

This Illustrated Video Teaching called, The Mission,   provides insights and practical instruction on how to approach paradox in a way that enhances quality of life, promotes peace, deepens prayer and expands awareness.

Paradox #3 -- The Cosmic Roots of Paradox

“The Cosmic Roots of Paradox”  explains why a deepening relationship with the Holy One requires us to grapple with ever more challenging dilemmas. Know, says kabbala, that each new paradox is a portal to higher consciousness.

Paradox #4 -- Introducing I-Centers

This Illustrated Video Teaching introduces the concept of I-centers—an extremely useful tool for sorting through the complexities of paradox. It is always good to build an idea from the ground up. In the next teaching (Part 5 or our series) we will examine the mystical origins of this concept as well as its practical applications.

Paradox #5 -- The Mystery and Application of I-Centers

This illustrated video teaching is the fifth installment in our series on Paradox.  It explores the mystical underpinnings of  I-Centers and how they interact to produce a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This 7 min. video ends with practical instructions about how to work with I-Centers that we find disagreeable.

Paradox #6 -- Poleholders

This illustrated video teaching, called Poleholders uses the polarity of Truth and Faith to model a way of grappling with paradox that alters consciousness and expands ones capacity to hold complex truths. It demonstrates how to extract the energy locked inside a paradox and channel it toward growth and change.

Paradox #7 -- Hashmal Jig 1/3

This video teaching, called The Hashmal Jig 1/3 introduces the kabbalistic secret of Hashmal—the energy of consciousness generated from dancing between the poles of a paradox.

Paradox #8 -- Hashmal Jig 2/3

This video teaching, called The Hashmal Jig 2/3 develops the kabbalistic secret of Hashmal—the energy of consciousness generated from dancing between the poles of a paradox.

Paradox #9 -- Hashmal Jig 3/3

This illustrated video teaching, called The Hashmal Jig 3/3examines the second step of our Hashmal Jig—the need to make a choice despite our ambivalence—and the tools available to help us do so.

Paradox #10 -- Varieties of Paradox

This video teaching, called Varieties of Paradox, is a summary of the different types of paradox that we encounter in the world. People expressed confusion because we have introduced so many different kinds of paradox and each one calls for a different response and they felt a bit overwhelmed by the unruliness of the subject. This video provides a framework that organizes the complexity and makes it more manageable.

Paradox #11 -- Quagmire of Moral Relativism

How do I become a patron of paradox without compromising my moral convictions? That is the question explored in this new video called, “The Quagmire of Moral Relativism.”


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