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Writings and Video Posts

Fifteen Stages of the Pesach Seder
Is there such a thing as a "free gift," and is it something to pray for and believe in?
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Pesach Through the Years
Pesach teachings over the years (2003-present.)
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BACK IN PRINT!!!! The Still Small Voice Passover Haggadah
The Still Small VoiceTu B'Shvat Hagada, fifteen years in the making, is finally available for public enjoyment.
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Worlds, Souls, Divinity–Inspired by the Komarna Rebbe
This is a teaching about prayer as conveyed by the Komarna Rebbe (R. Yitzchak Eisik Safrin, 1806 – 1874). It is only tangentially related to Purim, though it does appear in his commentary on Megillat Esther. Furthermore, since Purim is a most propitious time for prayer, it is an appropriate teaching for the occasion. But mostly, it is a subject I wanted to broach, and this concurrence of commentary and prayer focus provides an opportunity to do so.
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