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Keter – Malchut

Purim 2019 / 5779 Sarah Yehudit Schneider Based on R. YYYY Safrin of  Komara’s Commentary on Esther called Ketem Ofier (4:1 – 5:4) Mordecai charges Esther to go before the king, and plead for her people….[Esther warns that] “Anyone entering the king’s sanctum uninvited incurs death unless the king extends his golden scepter and grants […]

The Klipah Precedes the Fruit

“If the Torah had not been given, we would still have learned modesty from the cat, industriousness from the ant…” and many important instructions-by-example from the plant kingdom. [TB Eruvin 100b] For example, fruit trees teach us that a “klipah precedes the fruit and serves to guard it” הקליפה קודמת להיות משמרת לפרי)).” [Ari, Likutei Torah, Bereshit and numerous other places].  The [...]

Choice vs Fate Video Teaching (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3 of our series on CHOICE & FATE explores  the “Reconciliation of Human Choice and Divine Omnicience”. This third Illustrated Video Teaching proposes creative resolution of this intractable paradox formulated by the Ohr HaChayim, an 18th century master kabbalist from Morocco. A PDF file of the script is available through the pdf link above. […]


The kabbalists read into Chanukka’s eight days, a journey of progressive tikun down through the sefirot from Binah to Malchut. Curiously, Binah associates with the higher Shekhina called Ima (literally, Mother) and Malchut associates with the lower Shekhina called Nukba (literally, Woman). Chanukka thus begins and ends on a feminine note. The first candle (of Binah) accompanies all the [...]


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