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The Reward of a Mitzvah

The Zohar is teaching that HaShem (so to speak) looked into Him/Her/Itself and articulated a will for a creation that would revel in the glory of G-d. That vision and all the myriad ways it could materialize and all the laws that define its parameters…that is the primordial Torah.

The Seder as a Meditation on MATZAH

The matzah itself is a neutral object.  It is simple flat bread that sits at the center of the table and doesn’t talk or move and yet, even still, it goes through changes.  As we evolve and enlighten in the course of the evening we project a whole string of meanings and transformations onto that matzah, just like we do in real life vis a vis the world around us (and also vis a vis our [...]

Corona and Co-Creation — Panel Discussion

Shifra Hendrie doesn’t miss a beat.  She has organized five days of panel-discussions around the topic of CORONAVIRUS & CO-CREATION: From Chaos to Consciousness Sarah Yehudit will be speaking on a panel with R. Dovid Katz and R. Amichai Cohen Monday, March 23rd @ 11am EST, 5pm in Israel Sign up today:  https://globalgeulasummit.com/viralawakening/ I hope […]

Turning Noga into Chashmal

Chashmal thus becomes the codeword for embracing paradox by skirting back and forth between opposing perspectives and admitting the truth that’s present in each. This kinetic approach to truth-seeking jiggles the mind open to higher awareness. It is not just a mental exercise, it’s a spiritual practice …and it’s the one that Esther employed to enter the King’s sanctum unawares. Her [...]


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