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Keter – Malchut

Purim 2019 / 5779 Sarah Yehudit Schneider Based on R. YYYY Safrin of  Komara’s Commentary on Esther called Ketem Ofier (4:1 – 5:4) Mordecai charges Esther to go before the king, and plead for her people….[Esther warns that] “Anyone entering the king’s sanctum uninvited incurs death unless the king extends his golden scepter and grants […]

The Klipah Precedes the Fruit

“If the Torah had not been given, we would still have learned modesty from the cat, industriousness from the ant…” and many important instructions-by-example from the plant kingdom. [TB Eruvin 100b] For example, fruit trees teach us that a “klipah precedes the fruit and serves to guard it” הקליפה קודמת להיות משמרת לפרי)).” [Ari, Likutei Torah, Bereshit and numerous other places].  The [...]


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