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You Are What You Hate

What is the most good-serving, God-serving (and also surprisingly self-serving) response to the test of enemies and how can I use their vexation for positive change? An elaborated translation of the Komarna Rebbe's paradigm-shifting teachings. Published 2009, 356 pages (two-color printing), English If you would like to order...

Kabbalistic Writings On The Nature Of Masculine And Feminine

One of the most important works of translation and presentation of Kabbala's understanding of gender relations ever written. 'Feminine rising' is no less than the unfolding of the history of the universe and the process of Divinity's revelation on earth. Making traditional esoteric texts available to the public,...

Eating As Tikun

"...Humanity's first sin, teaches Rav Tsadok HaKohen, was Adam and Eve's eating without right intention." A collection of profound and strikingly relevant teachings on eating, eating disorders, and how to bring healing and peace to the entire world. Published 1996, 68 pages, English If you would like to...

Purim Bursts

"Every moment is an opportunity for closeness with God and it is not clear which builds intimacy more, the joy or the pain, the blessing or the curse, Mordechai or Haman." A collection of deep teachings on one of Judaisms most esoteric holidays: Purim. Published 2000, 100 pages,...

Evolutionary Creationism

The Talmud declares, “God’s seal is truth,” and since science and Kabbala both share a passion for truth, this becomes their holy meeting ground. The kabbalistic description of Eden’s “fall” presents a scenario of crash and repair that is nearly identical to the account of prehistory derived from...

Purim Bursts 2

"There are moments in time that are nearly transparent. The veil lifts and behold, real people with real lives are suddenly part of a holy drama that conveys the most sublime and eternal truths through the mundane facts of their unsuspecting lives Esther’s tale is a masterpiece in...

Golden Thread Remedy Booklet

The Golden Thread is a homeopathicaly produced remedy based on Kabbalah.  It is designed to heal the fractures of soul inherited from our collective partaking of the Tree of Knowledge. Based on the principle of "like cures like" if we knew what the Tree of Knowledge was we could design a...

Countdown to Perfection Omer Counter (Spiral-bound)

Sarah Yehudit's friend, Judith Margolis, is a renowned and accomplished artist.  She created this beautiful Omer-Counter that combines Sarah Yehudit's short meditations on the tikun of each day with her own visual interpretations of that attribute. The result is a spectacular work of art that also has a practical use....

The Still Small Voice TU B’SHVAT HAGADA

The Still Small Voice Tu B'Shvat Hagada, fifteen years in the making, is finally available for public enjoyment. This full color, 8.5" x 11", 96 page, spiral bound booklet is rich in content and beautiful in presentation. It provides clear instructions for organizing a Tu B'Shvat seder and...