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Advanced Prayer Seminar–Podcasts

The Advanced Prayer Seminar is a series of  weekly classes that Sarah Yehudit taught in Jerusalem to a group of advanced students from 2008 till 2014. Many of the earlier classes in the series were lost in the computer crash of 2012.

The course follows two tracks.  On one hand it moves through the Amida, exploring each blessing in depth and studying chassidic and kabbalistic source texts that elaborate on those themes.  And on the other hand, the class examined a range of teachings about prayer in general.

The discussion is in English but Hebrew source texts are always employed. Sarah Yehudit presents the material and also facilitates the discussion.  The classes are not in lecture format but follow a seminar model that includes student participation.

The recordings were taken in the class, and so their quality varies.

Advanced Prayer Seminar Bundled into Yearlong Units

Podcasts of classes from previous years that are bundled into yearlong units cost $1 each.