Humanity’s first sin, teaches Rav Tsadok HaKohen, was Adam and Eve’s eating without right intention. The Tree of Knowledge, says he, was not a tree or a food, or a thing at all. Rather it was a way of eating. When ever a person takes self conscious pleasure from the world he falls, in that moment, from G-d consciousness and eats from the Tree of Knowledge.

All neuroses, personality imbalances, and existential dissatisfaction, teaches Torah, have their root in this sin of unholy eating. Its impurity lives inside each of us as a fact of the human condition. Every person has an eating disorder, for “eating” is a much broader activity than simply taking food into one’s mouth.

Since our first sin was unholy eating only its opposite can fix it. All of life and all of history are training us for one end: to learn to “eat” in holiness, to not let the world’s pleasures wrench our attention from G-d (even for an instant). The moment we grasp this in holiness the labor of this world will end.

This STILL SMALL VOICE PUBLICATION is touching souls and changing lives. Applying the practices and mystical teachings of Judaism to this most basic activity of life, Eating as Tikun is a powerful healing tool.

“After reading Eating as Tikun my blessings over food will never be the same.”

“This book has changed my whole experience of the Passover seder. I never knew that it was such a powerful opportunity for healing.”

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