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“The underlying principle of homeopathy is the “law of similars,” whereby one paradoxically uses either the disease itself or something similar to the disease to affect a cure. This principle, well known in biblical times, finds its explicit expression in the idiom employed by the sages in reference to healing, where a condition is cured by applying the rule of “like to like.” Furthermore, our sages teach that this is the method employed by G-d Himself, Who sweetens (heals) “bitter with bitter.” The ‘law of similars” shows that the cure lies within the disease itself. The ailment is a foreign “shell” that always conceals within itself a kernel of good. This Divinely-inspired insight into the nature of reality in general and the human condition in particular, corresponds to the wisdom embodied in the letter yud of HaShem’s four letter name.”

-R. Yitzchak Ginsburgh
The Healing of Body and Soul
(unpublished manuscript)

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