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Kabbalistic Writings

Kabbalistic Writings On The Nature Of Masculine And Feminine

Kabbalistic Writings presents annotated translations of kabbalistic texts that paint an authoritative and enlightened vision of how man and woman will relate when they have healed themselves and fixed the world. Based on a talmudic tale about the sun and moon, Jewish mystical writings identify seven stages of waning and waxing that mark the feminine life cycle. They apply on all scales, from the span of an individual woman’s life to the history of creation (for the entire period of existence from the beginning of time to its end is but a single circuit of the moon). In the seventh and final stage, woman stands equal and opposite to man and they meet for the first time as spiritual, intellectual, and emotional mates. This perfect marriage has been our (perhaps unconscious) yearning for six thousand years, and from its consummation flow all the promised blessings of the world to come.

These ‘ancient’ Jewish teachings are profoundly relevant to the dilemmas we face as individuals and communities. They re-frame contemporary events in paradigm shifting ways, and bring healing, illuminating, and guiding lights to bear on the issues at hand. The fact that people are asking the questions to which these esoteric teachings are the answer means they are ready to hear them and begin digesting their implications.

The purpose of this book is twofold:

1. To publicize Jewish texts that are indisputably authoritative, and to present a spacious and enlightened vision of the evolving relationship of feminine throughout history. They are teachings with practical implications that can guide our life choices and religious expressions along the paths that serve God and good and truth.

2. To enable a direct encounter with kabbalistic source material for persons who lack the skills or resources to access this experience on their own. Its luminous wisdom is sure to inspire a respect and affection for the Torah and its traditions.

In Kabbalistic Writings the texts speak for themselves. Their authoritative voices are the soul and might of this work. As proof texts they verify statements made in their name, and as holy texts they transform them to heart.

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