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Shabbat Learning and Meditation Retreats
(for women)

Sarah Yehudit Schneider has been teaching meditation and Jewish mysticism in Jerusalem for nearly 20 years.  She published and important essay titled Textual Study as Meditation in which she explores how  Torah study, as a method of Jewish Meditation, is often overlooked by contemporary teachers as well as both how to study meditatively and how meditation can strengthen study.  Here meditation retreats are informed by her wellspring of knowledge and experience and are meant to guide beginners and advanced alike in both study and meditation. Sarah Yehudit’s meditation retreats are an incredible opportunity for intimate learning with a master.

Here are a few words from Sarah Yehudit:

The goal of these retreats is to create an atmosphere and suggest a practice that enables people to access the full healing, guiding, and enlightening potential inherent on Shabbat. This happens automatically, to a certain degree, simply by observing traditional halachic guidelines. Yet there is a whole other wealth of “light” and bountiful resource that, for most, remains untapped. Shabbat is a healer. Shabbat is a counselor. Shabbat is a teacher. Shabbat is a loyal and beloved companion. It is a “taste of the world-to-come” – a taste of perfect clarity, health, knowledge, and ecstatic satisfaction. Every seven days this holy Shabbat light streams though the universe. Its gifts are at our fingertips.

The challenge is to harness it for healing and transformation. One powerful way is through retreat. Stillness resonates with stillness. Hashem “rested” on Shabbat and ceased from creating form and vibration. When we “rest” in silent retreat and meditation we create a vessel for receiving the precious flow of Divine peace that is uniquely available on this holy day.

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