blame.gameA War Cry and Peace Prayer
from a Jewish I-Center

(to be recited with its parenthetical phrases)

“Hashem, let it be that all Jewish souls, no matter where they stand, no matter what they face, let them see the light (i.e. Your Light).”

“And let them integrate that light so deeply into their being-into their heart, bones, cells and spaces, thought, speech and deed-that they (and we all together) should (through this massive teshuva) become the light, (i.e. the ‘Light unto the nations’ that is our truth and our destiny).”

“And let us shine that Light out into the world with a strength, and a radiance and a glory that all the nations of the world, including our enemies among them, will see the Light, (i.e. Hashem’s Light as it shines through the Jewish people)-their hearts should open, their lives should turn, they should repent and be redeemed.”


This prayer appears at the end of “You Are What You Hate: A Spiritual Approach to Enemies” and is appropriate for incorporating into the Teshuva process throughout the year and especially during these ten days (עשרת ימי תשובה) starting with Rosh Hashana and ending with Yom Kippur.

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