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Choice vs Fate (Part 2 of 3) — Illustrated Video Teaching


Part 2 of our 3-part series on CHOICE & FATE explores the chaotic interface between them. This Illustrated Video Teaching examines the Talmudic distinction between “higher mazal” (that is subject to fate) and “lower mazal” that’s amenable to choice. When these two mazalot converge in the human psyche, their boundaries get fuzzy and its nearly impossible to sort them out.

Kabbalistic Writings On The Nature Of Masculine And Feminine


One of the most important works of translation and presentation of Kabbala’s understanding of gender relations ever written. ‘Feminine rising’ is no less than the unfolding of the history of the universe and the process of Divinity’s revelation on earth. Making traditional esoteric texts available to the public, this book can be read by anyone, but preferably should be studied in depth.

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Published 2009, 352 pages, English

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