The Advanced Prayer Seminar — 2008


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The 2008 Prayer series consists of 25 classes.

This is the summarize of the first class:
08-05-15 Prayer Series Intro- Loving our Neighbor as Ourselves (in Prayer)
In this shiur, Sarah Yehudit brings a piece from the Lahav Aish, about creating a “prayer package”, beginning our tefilla by binding ourselves and our prayers to all of the Jewish people as a whole, and accepting the mitzvah of loving our neighbor as ourselves. She teaches, also based on a teaching from the Leshem, that Atzilut is the place where all our prayers are meant to ascend to, where our will touches the will of Hashem, but for various reasons they often do not make it, in which case we rely on angels to transport them, and/or the help tzaddikim, others who have reached that level. By uniting our prayers with those of the whole entire people, we benefit ourselves and everyone else, so that all our prayers can ascend together to G-d, by the force of all our combined strengths and pure intentions and potent kavanot.