Time Trekking — Individual Study — Israel

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Time Trekking explores the 613 mitzvot as they orient to the ten kabbalisticly significant units of time—the blink-of-an-eye, the measure-of-a-breath, the hour, day, week, etc.) (26 weeks)

Time Trekking explores the deeper meanings behind the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles of observance. Beginning with the unit of time called rega (or blink of an eye) and then to chelek (the measure of a breath), and then to hour, day, week, etc., Time Trekking examines the various practices (some halachic and some meta-halachic) that align us with the deep, cosmic rhythms of time.

Time Trekking is 26 weeks long.

To see excerpts from the lessons and the final questions (which you will be able to answer upon completion of the course), click here.