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Choice vs Fate Video Teaching (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our 3-part series on CHOICE & FATE explores the chaotic interface between them. This Illustrated Video Teaching examines the Talmudic distinction between “higher mazal” (that is subject to fate) and “lower mazal” that’s amenable to choice. When these two mazalot converge in the human psyche, their boundaries get fuzzy and its nearly impossible […]

Symbolic Resonance Permeates the Seder

Pesach 5778 / 2018 Sarah Yehudit Schneider Kadesh. Urchatz We start the seder by pronouncing the fifteen steps that will comprise our evening’s ritual which (among other things) marks the birthday of our peoplehood. Kenesset Yisrael (the mystical Body of Israel) was conceived by Avraham and Sarah, floated through the fallopian tube with Yitzchok and […]


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