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Tag: day of judgement

Video–Rosh HaShana and the Kabbalistic Mystery of Nesira

You might be surprised to know that Rosh HaShana is not only Day
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The Dust of Their Skirmish Reached to the Throne of Glory–Sukkot, 5783

The midrash informs us that the “dust” of Yakov's epic battle with Essav
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Elul and the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

The prayer is that HaShem should feel free to choose the speediest path
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The Coveted Sukkah of Sodom

"Anyone who fulfills the mitzvah of sukkah in this world, will get a
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Chai Elul—A Rosh HaShana Teaching for the Baal Shem Tov’s Birthday

R. Tsadok notes that Rosh Hashana (humanity's birthday) is actually a very strange
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Masters of Judgement

Rosh Hashana marks the conception (when the thought of creation arose within the
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