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Masters of Judgement

Rosh Hashana marks the conception (when the thought of creation arose within the mind of G-d) and Pesach marks the actual birth (when an actual “creature” evolved that could hold the level of consciousness, called yechida, the capacity to understand what it means that G-d is one on the 50th gate level of understanding. That “creature” is Kenesset Yisrael, the Mystical Body of Israel, born on the other side of the parted sea that served as its birth canal.
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Shame is Nothing to Be Ashamed About

Rosh HaShana 5779 / 2018[1] Sarah Yehudit Schneider Divine perfection, in order for
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A Chanukka Meditation from the Zohar

This Chanukka teaching is dedicated to Yaku, daughter of Heltcha: “Thank you for
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The Akeida–A Hero’s Journey

This essay presents Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Gellman’s exploration of the Mei HaShiloach’s teachings
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Remember Amalek…Don’t Forget

PurimBurst 2014 Sarah Yehudit Schneider (1) Remember[1]….(2) to blot out the remembrance of
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Pesach 5773 / 2013 Sarah Yehudit Schneider The 12th step in our seder
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