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There’s an elephant in the room, though I think most readers are unaware of its shadowed presence. It’s the portion of the Chanukka story that occurs after the victorious restoration of the Temple that we celebrate with our chanukiyot.
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“This Opposite This” HaShem Made the World

This tug-of-war stripped down to its basics is really about “who eats who?” And, really, the whole drama of geopolitics comes down to exactly that: In the end, whose narrative, whose scripture, whose ideology, whose story of why we are here and where we’re headed and what G d wants from us…whose narrative is going to prevail, and absorb everyone else into its story line. “Who will eat who?”
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The Chinukh of Chanukka

Since Chanukka and Purim reference toward the future, R. Luria associates them with Mashiach ben David, and the 7th marriage blessing when “the woman of valor becomes the crown to her husband.” R. Luria brings fascinating evidence of the gender shifts that weave through the messianic lineage and narrative.
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Pesach 5773 / 2013 Sarah Yehudit Schneider The 12th step in our seder
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I-Centers — A Circle of Ways to See the World

TISHA B’AV 5772 / 2012 Based on R. Tsadok HaKohen Pri Tsadik, Devarim
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The 17th of Cheshvan: When the Great Flood Began

by Sarah Yehudit Schneider R. Tsadok explains that HaShem was hoping to bring
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