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Tag: Free Choice


Dialogue With Destiny (reprint) Said Haman to Achashverosh: “Let these [Jewish] people be destroyed…”
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Addiction and Higher Teshuvah – Rosh HaShana, 2023

You might be surprised to hear that addiction is as old as humanity
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The Transmutation of Shame though Teshuva

Rosh HaShana 2016 / 5777 Based on R. Tsadok HaKohen, Tikanat HaShavin 5:10-12,
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The Torah of Atzilut — The Torah of Souls

Shavuot 2016 /5776 Sarah Yehudit Schneider The Torah revealed at Sinai (on Shavuot) is
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A (Short) Discourse on Freedom

Pesach 2016 /5776 Sarah Yehudit Schneider “The reward phase of history called the
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Sweetening the Dinim – Rosh HaShanna

Rosh HaShana 2013/5774 Sarah Yehudit Schneider  Our Rosh Hashana avoda—its soul-searching, lengthy prayers,
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